Spartan Camera AC Power Adapter

Model Number: SC-ADP

Model: SC-ADP

The AC wall adapter provides a plug-in power solution for any model Spartan Camera. Perfect for using the camera in workshop or home environments, this plug allows you to continuously power the Spartan GoCam.

*Not compatible with Spartan Ghost or Spartan GoLive


Not compatible with the Spartan Ghost/Golive Camera

Compatible with Spartan GoCam and Spartan Non-Wireless Blackout Camera (SR2-BK).

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  • x1 | Spartan Camera AC Power adapter

This AC wall adapter provides a plug-in power solution for the Spartan GoCam. The adapter has standard US/Canada two-prong plugs for 110v-220v wall power. On the other end is a standard barrel plug designed explicitly to fit the Spartan GoCam’s external power port.


  • 6V (1000 mAh, 110-220V)

  • 6.5 ft  cable

  • Barrel plug compatible with the Spartan GoCam

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Warranty 90 Days
Compatability Spartan GoLive
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