Verizon 4G/LTE Spartan Ghost

Model Number: GC-G4Gb

Model: GC-G4Gb

Raise your intel to the next level: receive images on your phone, tablet, or computer in near real-time with the Spartan GoCam Ghost (connected by Verizon). Take advantage of remote access to your camera settings with our user-friendly Spartan GoCam app. With our innovative, industry-leading technology and improved camera features, you can stay connected to your land in any corner of the world, all without disturbing your trail camera site.



*Compatible with Spartan Solar Panel Kit.
*Not compatible with GoCam 10W Power Saver Kit.

**Please note: Due to product shortages, Verizon Ghost cameras (GC-G4Gb, GC-G4Gb-MO, and GC-G4Gb-RT) will ship out at the end of September.**

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In this product:
  • x1 | Spartan GoCam Ghost
  • x1 | 4G Camera Antenna
  • x1 | Camera Strap
  • x1 | Preinstalled Nano SIM Card
  • x1 | Warranty & Quick Start Guide


Spartan GoCam is proud to announce the launch of the revolutionary Ghost Cam 4G/LTE (Connected by Verizon) featuring our exclusive Areus-camo design! As part of our constant mission to provide our customers with user-friendly products, the camera includes a setup wizard to guide you through a hassle-free setup process. The Ghost Cam features illuminated buttons for convenient night time handling. With the Ghost Cam, you won’t miss a photo thanks to the power-enhancing internal battery which can be charged with a 12 Volt external power source or 12 AA batteries. Spartan created the Ghost Cam for durability, so we have upgraded to a larger profile with an anti-slide back cover, and two tripod threads. The screw-in external power port is repositioned for ease of use and additional precaution against moisture damage. Spartan is dedicated to producing high-quality products which is why all cameras are attentively designed in house at our Georgia facility.


Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE  Features:


  • Contract-free data activation

  • Industry-leading durable product backed by a two-year warranty

  • Convenient access to your images via app or web portal

  • Simplified power switch and control buttons with shortcuts

  • Secure flat head battery springs

  • Weekly operation customization

  • 5300 mAh Built-in Lithium Internal backup battery

  • A new GPS anti-theft feature that can allow you to locate your camera in the event it is moved or stolen

More Information
Night Illumination Blackout Flash
Compatability Spartan GoLive
Carrier Verizon
Power Supply 6 or 12 1.2 - 1.5v AA Batteries, Alkaline, Lithium, Ni-MH, 12 Volts External Power (optional)
SD Card Support Up to 32GB, Micro SD not supported
Mounting Dual Mounting Thread, Built-in Pitch-angle mounting, Tripod, Mounting strap, Python lock
Image Resolution (SD card) 3MP, 5MP, 8MP
Image Transmission Thumbnail Size Options: 640 x 480 or 1280 x 960, HD Size Options (upon request): 2048 x 1536 (3 MP) 2592 x 1944 (5 MP) 3264 x 2448 (8 MP)
Photo Burst 1, 2, 3, Sends all photos in photo burst
Video Resolution 320 x 240 , 1024 x 576, 5 / 10 sec
Send Video Yes, Requires Premium
Trigger Motion (PIR), Timer (Time Lapse), Scheduled Events (Premium Required)
Trigger Speed 0.6s
Trigger Interval 0s - 60 min
Time Lapse Interval 30 - 60 seconds, 1 - 60 minutes, 1 - 8 hours
Display Screen 2.0" LCD
PIR Sensitivity Options High, Normal, Low, Off
Detection Range 80 Ft
Field of View 52°
Operation Humidity 5% - 90%
Operation Temperature -4° - +140° F (Operation), -22° - +158° F (Storage)
Warranty 2 Years
Do I need to add my GoCam to my Verizon plan? Like another phone? Or does it just connect to the Verizon tower?

Yes, you can add this camera as a line of service to your existing Verizon account. Alternatively, you can purchase a prepaid data service directly from Spartan Camera, and it comes with Premium service with no extra charge!Please go to SERVICES: DATA...

Is SIM card included?

Yes, the camera does come with a SIM card.The cameras also need an SD card, which does not come with the camera.

Verizon is about to start 5g. Will the 4g be rendered useless when 5g rolls out?

4G cameras will continue to work after the 5G rollout. The 5G deployment will not affect the current 4G device's functionalities.

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  2. Verizon Verizon The Verizon Spartan GoCam LTE is the first certified cellular camera. Now you can purchase Data plans with Free Premium service!
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