Spartan Camera Mounting Strap

Model Number: SC-STRP

Model: SC-STRP

Our Spartan Camera straps are produced and paired with our cameras for ultimate ease of use when setting up trail camera sites. These straps thread through specially designed openings in the camera’s case, ensuring that the fit is snug and the camera can be tightly bound to the tree or post. These straps are made with durable woven fabric and securely clip on with metal toothed clips so that they cannot be easily torn or pulled from place once secured.

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While our Spartan Camera straps are included with each camera purchase, sometimes for one reason or another you may need to replace them. Screw-in tree mounts may not be an option for every trail camera site, and so our camera strap offers an easy mounting option that additionally does not require creating holes in the surface it is mounted on. 

Our 5-foot long trail camera strap can be cut down or wrapped around the tree or post multiple times to further ensure the camera will not slide down or move around if jostled. Additionally, the clip that the strap is threaded through is composed of heavy-duty metal with multiple rows of teeth to make sure the clip is buckled firmly to the fabric. 

For customers looking for an even heavier-duty mounting option, we recommend checking out the Python Locks we have for sale here, which come in both a camouflaged and solid black variety.

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Compatability Spartan GoLive
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