Spartan Camera Carrying Case

Model Number: SC-BX-12


Durability is part of the Spartan Name, and now we’re taking that strength a step further. We want to make sure your cameras are protected whether they are out in the field, or being taken to a new location. With the Spartan Camera Carrying Case, you can store your stands and camera in this rugged protective carrying case. Filled with two layers of customizable foam, this case can suit all of your gear-storing needs from cameras to firearms.

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The Spartan Camera Carrying Case is a versatile, useful addition to any hunter’s gear. Our case is made of moulded, dense black plastic designed to absorb shock and keep its contents safe from damage. Filled with 2 layers of egg-crate and 2 layers of customizable square-cut foam, our camera case can be used to store a wide variety of objects, not just our cellular cameras. This multi-use carrying case is perfect for anyone looking for storage to keep their expensive or easy to lose gear safe and organized.

The case is easy to transport, and designed with details to ensure durability and ease-of-use. Two clasps on the top make sure that the case will not open during transit. Small feet can be found on the back and bottom of this hard-shelled case, ensuring that it easily stands without tilting or wobbling when set down or opened. Additionally, there is a small gasket on the top of the case in which you can choose whether the carrying case should be air-tight or allow airflow.

No matter what it is being used for, our hard-shelled Spartan Carrying Case will keep your belongings safe and sound.

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Compatibility Spartan Ghost Cam, Spartan GoCam, Non-Wireless Camera
Warranty 90 Days
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