Spartan GoCam Security Box

Model Number: SC-BX-19

Model: SC-BX-19

Protect your Spartan GoCam from wildlife, weather, and theft with the all-new 2019 Spartan Trail Camera Security Box. Designed in-house and constructed from solid steel, this casing provides extra security no matter what sort of conditions your camera is subjected to.



Only Compatible with: GC-Z4Gb2, GC-U4Gb2, GC-LR4b2, GC-A4Gb2, GC-T4Gb2

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Keep your Spartan GoCam safe from animals, inclimate weather and theft. This Spartan GoCam Security box is custom-designed to fit our new, 2019 GoCam models. When paired with a Python Lock and personal padlock, this Security Box provides safety and durability to withstand many harsh conditions from falling trees to curious bears and can help deter criminals from being able to steal or damage your trail camera.

This new design is fitted to our new 2019 Spartan GoCam models. The solid steel framework includes openings to thread a Python lock through, as well as a place for a personal lock in the front. The casing is intended to fit our second-generation Verizon, Nex-Tech, Bluegrass and US Cellular cameras, and has openings and contours intended to allow the camera to work fully and completely while still benefitting from the extra protection of the Spartan Camera Security Box.


  • Only Compatible with: GC-Z4Gb2, GC-U4Gb2, GC-LR4b2, GC-A4Gb2, GC-T4Gb2

  • Custom designed to fit our new Spartan 2019 GoCam models

  • Constructed from durable solid steel

  • Neutral gray-tan that can be easily repainted to match your environment

  • Can be mounted and secured in many locations

  • A formidable part of securing your camera, along with a Python Lock

*Not compatible with Spartan GoCam Ghost models
More Information
Compatability Spartan GoLive
PIR Sensitivity Options Off
Detection Range 80 Ft
Display Screen 2.0" LCD
Trigger Timer (Time Lapse)
Trigger Interval 0s - 60 min
Can you use python cable lock on your spartan security box

Yes, you can.

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