What is the Spartan Rewards program? 

We at Spartan want to use this program as a way to reward our loyal customers for choosing us. The program is free- meaning you can just shop for merchandise how you normally do and earn rewards. All existing users will also receive 300 points for you to use as a $10 discount on your next purchase! Every dollar you spend earns you points.


How to Earn:

Create a Spartan account and sign up for our mailing list for 300 points.

Earn points with each purchase, whenever you're logged in. Once your product ships, points are added to your account.

Like our products from their listings for +50 points (one-time). Sharing your purchase on Facebook also gives you an additional 50 points (unlimited).

Follow our Twitter and share your purchases there for 50 points each! 

Invite your friends! When new users sign up through your link and purchase a 4G/LTE camera, you both will receive 300 points!

Enjoy your rewards! Points can be redeemed at checkout for discounts.

Rewards Benefits


Tier 1


0 - 599

‣ $1 = 1 point

‣ Exclusive sneak peeks to some sales & events

‣ A chance to win a $300 gift card when you write a review (every 60 days)


Tier 2



‣ $1 = 1.25 points

‣ Exclusive sneak peek to some sales & events

‣ A chance to win a $300 gift card when you write a review (every 60 days)


Tier 3 



‣ $1 = 1.5 points

‣ Exclusive sneak peek to some sales & events

‣ A chance to win a $300 gift card when you write a review (every 60 days)

‣ Exclusive deals & special events with extra point bonuses


Tier 4



‣ $1 = 2 points

‣ Exclusive sneak peek to some sales & events

‣ A chance to win a $300 gift card when you write a review (every 60 days)

‣ Exclusive deals & special events with extra point bonuses

Earning points

# of Points
Discount (USD)
100 $2
+ tiers up to $2000!

As a member, you'll earn points on every physical goods purchase. For every 300 points you earn, you are able to use a $10 reward. For example, when you have spent $600 with Spartan Camera, you can earn $20 off your next purchase. Every dollar you spend earns you 1 point, so a $425 dollar purchase earns you 425 points! Members are able to use their points towards future purchases based on the table to the left.


You can check your account's points by logging in, clicking "account" on the top navbar, and then selecting "My Points and Rewards" on the left sidebar. You can also click here if you are already logged in.


The Spartan reward is a loyalty program that rewards customers for purchasing Spartan camera products and participating in certain brand experiences. It is a tier-based program determined by the number of points a member has earned within a single year on eligible purchases and through qualifying activities, beginning on the date when you enroll. There are 3 tiers with associated benefits: When you join, you’ll automatically be placed in Level 1, Spartan member, and be eligible for all the benefits Level 1 member receive. Once you earn at least 599 points in your first year, you’ll be automatically moved up to Level 2, Spartan Gold. If you earn 2000 points or more in your first year, you’ll qualify for Level 3, Spartan SuperV.

   Level 1 (Turkey) 0-599

   Level  2 (Deer) 600-1199

   Level 3  (Bobcat) 1200-1999

   Level  4 (Bear) 2000+

The higher the tier, the better the benefits.

You can join the Spartan reward program by signing up at and following the prompts to register. In order to sign up, you must provide your email address. To enjoy the full benefits of the program, you will also need an account. If you do not have an account, you can create one by providing your name and creating a password. There is no cost to join.

The Spartan reward program is available to individuals who are legal residents of the United States (including its territories and possessions) and at least 18 years of age or older and who provide and maintain a valid email address.

To earn points, you need to create a Spartan account. Spartan members receive 1 point for every $1 spent on eligible purchases on and 1 point for every $1 spent (excluding sales tax) on Spartan products purchased online. Eligible purchases include regular-priced merchandise and exclude gift cards, sales tax, state fees, discounts, shipping, data plans and delivery charges, and/or other excluded charges specified by us from time to time. 

In addition to these purchases, here are more ways to earn points with

Earn points for writing product reviews that get published (don’t forget to check that you are a Spartan member) (maximum 1 time per month). 

Earn points for sharing your favorite products on Twitter from the share buttons on (maximum once a day per platform).

Earn points for sharing your purchases on Facebook(each order Only share once.)

Earn points for referring a friend to the Spartan Rewards program and earn bonus points when that friend makes his or her first eligible purchase on as a member (No limitation).

*All points are pending until your order ships, at which time they are fully matured.

It may take up to 24 – 48 hours from the time your order ships, or from the time your store receipt is validated for points for eligible purchases to post to your account. 

Any product that is returned or any order that is canceled will reverse the points you received from that purchase. Your level will remain the same.

If it is found that an order is obtained through fraudulent or other activity that violates the Spartan terms & conditions, those points and your tier status, if applicable, will also be reversed.

Your Spartan rewards offers can be redeemed on at checkout with your purchase. You will find your eligible offers and rewards (with offer codes if applicable) listed in your personal account. Details on event rewards will be provided for each event when the time comes.

Rewards can only be redeemed when making a purchase on and other events. You must be logged in to your Spartan account to use your benefits.

From time to time, Qualifying members, who have opted into receiving Spartan marketing emails, will receive email invitations when these offers are made available. Members must login to their accounts to redeem this benefit. These offers are available for a limited time and while supplies last.

Refer your friends to join the Spartan rewards program. Invite people who don’t have a Spartan account yet to sign up through your link. To receive points, your friend cannot be a current or previous Spartan member and must join the Spartan rewards program by clicking your unique referral link. When your friend purchases any 4G device, they will receive extra 300 points, and you will get 300 points.

No. Neither accounts nor Spartan points and benefits may be shared or combined. Only the member paying for the products may accumulate points and benefits.

No. Points and benefits earned through the Spartan camera have no cash value, are non-transferable, and you have no property rights in the points and benefits. Products received as a Spartan reward cannot be returned or exchanged for money or any other products or points.

Yes. We reserve the right to change, without notice, Spartan benefits, how you achieved each Milestone tier, how you earn points, and how we evaluate and reward your eligible purchases and/or other Spartan rewards activity.

Rewards points may only be redeemed via the Spartan camera site. Rewards points will automatically appear as redeemable points on the checkout page. Reward points may not be transferred or exchanged for cash.

If for any reason you believe that there is a discrepancy regarding your balance of Rewards points, please contact us. Spartan camera may require you to submit additional information in order to make a determination regarding your balance. All decisions regarding your balance will be final and at HCO outdoor product.

At this time, you cannot earn points by purchasing data plans. 

By using rewards you agree to the terms of use & conditions found here.