Spartan GoCam 10W Solar Kit

Model Number: GOCAM-SPKIT-10

Model #:GOCAM-SPKIT-10

MSRP: $179.95

You can now order the Spartan Camera Solar Panel Kit! When you install a solar panel kit, your camera's battery life increases exponentially, cutting down the time and money spent replacing batteries. More than that, the camera can now be left for even more extended periods, and will only rarely need batteries to be swapped out or exchanged. All of these aspects work together to ensure that you are not disturbing nearby wildlife.

Our kit now also includes a 10W solar panel mounting arm to make affixing the solar panel to the tree even easier.


Looking for Ghost Power Options?

This product is not compatible with the Spartan GoCam Ghost or GoLive series. If you are looking for a solar bundle for your Ghost camera, please see our GST-GL-SOLAR-KIT.

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The Spartan GoCam Solar Panel Kit is compatible with our Spartan GoCam models. The solar panel connects to the battery box, which can then be plugged into the camera. Our solar panel kit ensures that your camera does not receive incorrect input or output, which in turn preserves the durability of the camera's wiring and hardware. 

Included in each kit

12V 18AH Battery: This battery is specifically tailored with the correct input and output values for your Spartan GoCam, Battery Box and Solar Panel. 

  • Spartan Camera Battery Box: The Spartan Camera Battery Box was designed in-house here at John's Creek to ensure that not only is your battery protected from the elements, but it also includes a power converter to ensure that sudden surges don't harm the internals of your GoCam or Solar Panel.
  • 10W Solar Panel: This 10W Solar Panel was selected due to its compatibility with our cameras and accessories. The solar panel connects to the battery box to extend the overall lifetime of the external battery.
  • NEW! 10W Solar Panel Bracket: The 10W Solar Panel Bracket is intended to make the mounting of the solar panel easier. It can be paired with a Spartan Quick-aim Mount or Spartan Stealth mount to easily attach to a tree.

Please Note:

We recommend using the Spartan Camera Solar Kit over other off-brand solar panels, batteries, and battery boxes. This is because these products from other brands may not have the correct input or output levels, and may damage your Spartan Camera. Cameras damaged by non-Spartan solar panels, power cables, or batteries will not be covered under warranty.

More Information
Warranty 90 Days
Compatability Spartan GoLive
How long are the cords that run from the camera to the battery box and from the battery box to the solar panel?

The camera to battery box cable is 5 ft.The battery box to solar panel cable is 6.5 ft. More info:

Will this work with my older 6-volt Spartan cameras?

Yes, this will work with all Spartan cameras except for the 12 volt Ghost GoCams. 

you are selling a 12v battery with the solar kit? I thought all of the go cams are 6v?

The battery box in the kit accepts an input of 6 or 12 volts, then outputs 6 volts. Click here for more info.

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