Many Spartan cameras spend late summer and fall capturing images of trails and food plots. After the season, it doesn't take long for those same Spartan GoCams to find a new mission in taking images of fence lines, driveways, hunting camps, and homes. The same traits that make it ideal for capturing game; stealth, portability, and ease of use, also make it ideal for use around the home and in a variety of security roles. Seeing images in near real time, directly on your smart phone or on a web portal, can be very helpful if security is a concern. Spartan cameras also allow for remote management via the app or web portal, so making changes to settings such as trigger interval or time-lapse sequence is as simple as clicking a few buttons on a smart phone. Spartan GoCams continue to build a reputation for reliability, ease of use, and the lowest cost of coverage. With Spartan Camera, you don’t have to be there.


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