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With the Spartan Camera mobile applications, you can view photos taken by your Spartan GoCam just seconds after the photo was taken. Request and download unlimited HD photos, play a slideshow, view a status report, view and update the settings for your camera right from your mobile device.

The Spartan Camera mobile app application replaces email as a delivery option and yet puts you in control of your camera with options like:

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-Real Time Control
-Request Status
-Synchronize Settings
-Request High Res Images
-Multi-Camera Support

Share your photos with your friends by granting them "guest" access for your cameras or if you have a hunting club all the members can use this app to view photos from multiple cameras at once.

This app is a great addition for security and surveillance use. Your Spartan GoCam will capture images of thieves and intruders, and deliver them to your mobile device seconds later!


*Premium service is required for a camera using the Spartan Camera mobile app to receive photos, status reports and interact with camera settings from your mobile device.
**To learn more about Premium service, please visit this artilce page: "Premium Credits: what are they, buying them, and monitoring them".