When used for hunting or game management, the Spartan GoCam is truly in its element. Born and bred to meet the needs of hunters everywhere, the Spartan GoCam is fully self contained, needing only a useable cellular signal to function as intended. The Spartan GoCam allows for the monitoring of the quality of game as well as their patterns without contaminating the area with scent. See images of what is happening in near real time, sent directly to your smart phone or web portal. Camera settings can be changed directly from your smart phone via the app or web portal, eliminating the need to disturb the area just to change a setting. Spartan GoCam takes amazing full color images during the day and crisp black and white images at night. Depending on the animal type, the user can choose between a low glow IR flash for maximum range illumination or a blackout IR flash for completely invisible night illumination. Spartan GoCams continue to build a reputation for reliability, ease of use, and the lowest cost of coverage. With Spartan Camera, you don’t have to be there.