The construction industry is filled with challenges. Whether it's getting the right materials to the site at the right time, getting the right permits from inspectors, or reliably finding the right skilled hands to make it all come together, the industry can be like juggling dozens of puzzle pieces and having them all fall into the right place. If all that wasn't enough, site security has become an ever growing concern. The Spartan GoCam is here as the go-to tool for site security. A Spartan GoCam can be placed or moved and secured in a matter of minutes. With the ability to see images in near real time on a smart phone or web portal, images are now just a click away. When used for daytime monitoring, managers can see the comings and goings of a site. For night security, the Spartan GoCam is ideal for monitoring materials and equipment and detecting trespassers. Placing a Spartan camera in a problem area can pay for itself in a single night by providing the images that lead to the source of the problem so it can be stopped, once and for all. Spartan GoCams continue to build a reputation for reliability, ease of use, and the lowest cost of coverage. With Spartan Camera, you don’t have to be there.

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