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Get everything you need for the ultimate scouting & security experience with the GoCam Ghost Deluxe Kit.  You won’t miss a photo thanks to our easy-to-use app, power-enhancing internal battery, and simple setup wizard. This amazing bundle comes with everything you will need to get set up, from mounts to power to lockboxes. With the Spartan GoCam Ghost, you can stop disturbing your trail camera sites, and view photos right from your phone or computer anytime, anywhere. 



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Note: The Ghost Quick Connector is currently on backorder and will be sent out separately. Any questions or concerns, contact


*Direct solar Compatible with the Spartan Ghost and GoLive.

*For the Spartan GoCam or the Spartan Non-Wireless Blackout Camera (SR2-BK), use the Spartan GoCam 10W solar kit.

*Quick-connector cables will ship separately.

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Ghost Deluxe Kit
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Items in this kit: 

x1 | GoCam Ghost

x1 | 4G Antenna

x1 | Camera Strap

x1 | Quick Instruction & Setup Trifold

x1| Preinstalled Nano SIM Card (needs activation)

x1 | 15W Solar Panel, 

x1 | 15W Solar Panel Bracket

x1 | Quick-connector cable (Quick-connector cable will ship separately)

x1 | Ghost Security Box

x1 | Python Lock

x2 | Quick Aim Mount


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Experience the advanced features of our latest GoCam model, the GoCam Ghost. Connected by some of the nation’s top wireless providers, the GoCam offers flexibility in cellular coverage and swift transmission times. View photos & videos in near-realtime straight from your phone or computer, making this wireless camera ideal for remote locations.


The Ghost Camera features a cutting edge Anti-Theft GPS and an internal lithium battery. These two attributes work together to ensure that even if your camera’s batteries are removed, or the antenna is snapped off, it will continue to transmit its location once the setting is enabled. When paired with other robust security options like our Ghost Security Box, this anti-theft feature is an integral part of keeping your camera safe.


The internal lithium battery has another amazing advantage. The Ghost camera can be directly connected to a 10W Solar Panel, no regulator, or additional external power source needed. This means that you can greatly extend your camera’s battery life, and cut down on the number of times you need to go out to your camera or spend money on expensive AA batteries. Not only can you rest easy knowing the location of your camera, adding a solar panel means you can worry less about running out of power and missing valuable intel. 








Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE  Features


  • Contract-free data activation with Spartan Camera’s attentive customer service.

  • Industry-leading durable product backed by a two-year warranty.

  • Convenient access to your images via app or web portal so you don’t have to be there

  • Easy on-site adjustments with new backlit shortcut buttons, a bright LED screen, and a simplified setup system.

  • Secure flat head battery connections for increased durability over traditional springs.

  • Set up when and how often you would like to receive images

  • 5300 mAh Built-in Lithium Internal backup battery for more efficient power consumption, easy solar connection

  • A new GPS anti-theft feature that can allow you to locate your camera in the event it is moved or stolen… even if the external batteries are removed.






More Information
Night Illumination Blackout Flash
Compatability Spartan GoLive
Power Supply 6 or 12 1.2 - 1.5v AA Batteries
SD Card Support Up to 32GB, Micro SD not supported
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 3.5 inches
Mounting Dual Mounting Thread, Bottom Mounting Thread , Built-in Pitch-angle mounting, Tripod, Mounting strap, Python lock
Image Resolution (SD card) 3MP, 5MP, 8MP
Image Transmission Thumbnail Size Options: 640 x 480 or 1280 x 960, HD Size Options (upon request): 2048 x 1536 (3 MP) 2592 x 1944 (5 MP) 3264 x 2448 (8 MP)
Photo Burst 1, 2, 3, Sends all photos in photo burst
Video Resolution 320 x 240 , 1024 x 576, 5 / 10 sec
Send Video Yes, Requires Premium
Trigger Motion (PIR), Timer (Time Lapse), Scheduled Events (Premium Required)
Trigger Speed 0.4s
Trigger Interval 0s - 60 min
Time Lapse Interval 30 - 60 seconds, 1 - 60 minutes, 1 - 8 hours
Display Screen 2.0" LCD
PIR Sensitivity Options High, Normal, Low, Off
Detection Range 80 Ft
Field of View 52°
Operation Humidity 5% - 90%
Operation Temperature -4° - +140° F (Operation), -22° - +158° F (Storage)
Warranty 2 Years, 90 Days
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